Social Media

Engaging with car buyers locally on Social Media is your brand awareness

Social Media is the current holy grail of the online marketing world. Its power and reach is undeniable, but how to engage buyers online? Social Media is exactly that! It’s an environment where friends can chat quickly and simply. It enables people to connect and re-connect, and it’s a great medium to share ideas and experiences with friends. Look at Facebook on mobile and it makes you realise the essence of the media – it contains instant, image-driven notifications from your social groups.

There is no doubt that social media has changed how people communicate – particularly the newer generations. The big grey area is where brands try to become ‘friends’. Using social media is like being in the pub with your mates. We all expect that if you walk into a car showroom, you will be approached by a salesman – but if you were in the pub and a car salesman came up to you selling his wares you would likely be outraged. Who likes getting cold-called while at home, or worse, on your mobile?

Businesses can engage with customers online – it can help to support their brand and make it tangible. Converting this brand awareness into a sales channel is a whole different ball game. Social media is great for building your brand, building and maintaining your local reputation – is it really the place for the hard sell?

We are happy to discuss social media strategy and provide the tools to help engage with customers. The truth is that social media is now a massive communication network, the certainty is that it will influence the way we all do business in the future, in reality though we are all still looking for the path to the holy grail.