Oil The Wheels have a vast amount of knowledge and understanding within the Industrial Sector and are up to date with the latest news and discussion topics within this industry. An area called ‘SHOPTALK’ was introduced to allow clients and potential clients to access a library of information in addition to finding out more about ‘Oil The Wheels’ and how they can help a business.

We created a website to showcase ‘Oil The Wheels’ strength in the industrial market. The website was built using the latest technology and designed to introduce content in a visual, dramatic way.

Oil The Wheels:

We worked with the companies creative team to design & build a site that illustrated their expertise and extensive portfolio. more details

Club Liberte

We produced an upmarket identity for the Four Seasons entertainment centre located in the Seychelles.

Scarlet Roundel

The identity was to design an brand for exclusive gifts with a sporty theme.