Are you SICK of your website provider?

It is a general belief that the USA lead the World in technology and many other areas. They are also pretty good at self-publicity too! Last week I read a blog post that stood out titled - I’m sick and tired of incompetent, self-serving automotive website providers! Who’s with me? It was on and written by Timothy Martell. Whilst Tim has a vested interest to knock the big platform providers, perhaps there are some lessons to learn.

It seems like the article generated a lot of interest as it quickly opened a debate. The article talks about blame shifting, and ball dropping. Customers in USA are experiencing really poor service at a basic level from their website provider and a blatant disregard for resolving issues. They were not fixing critical problems and there was no accountability. The focus was on the platform, and not the client. The website providers appeared to be deaf to the clients’ requests and incapable to manage individual or tailored requirements. One of the replies also made the point that there is ‘Nothing worse than trying to compete with the same tech that all your competitors use’.

Whilst there is a general industry ‘style’ that means most automotive sites look quite similar and have similar functionality. That does not mean they should all come from an identikit or all be in the same vanilla. The market is very competitive so web providers need to help dealers stand out. Getting the basics fixed and being focused on delivering what clients want seems essential.

We believe in delivering a first class service and getting all the jobs done quickly. We assume all providers should do the same. Is your website run for your benefit or to suit your website provider? What service are you getting?

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