Does design really matter online?

Rewind to the early days of the internet and things had to be very simple. There were just 16 colour palettes and pages had to be uncluttered because of slow download speeds. We have been through a series of developments since then. Short pages - no scroll, full pages, mini images and now there is

a distinct fashion towards long pages and mega images. What is driving the change and do dealerships need to be more design conscious?

Your customers visit a massive range of websites each day. They are influenced by the sites they see and expect the same great site design in fashion, new entertainment and yes, automotive too. Dealerships need to learn from other sectors and embrace new creative ideas to make their website and marketing stand out.

Take a loot at the new Harvey Nichols website for example. There has been a lot of debate about whether its upmarket enough but the site is fresh, full, exciting, and also cool, helpful, and authoritative. There is fantastic use of images, clean design, bright graphics along with a personality to engage any customers. Whilst we may not like estate agents there are some lessons they can teach some lessons on search filters and presenting layers of information.

Google are now getting in on the act with 'Material Design'. This is the future of web design where customers will enjoy a far richer experience that leads directly to greater engagement. Google are leading the charge from a technology perspective and responsive design is the first step. 3D, and movement will follow and video.

Great design makes a difference (see Apple) and creates unique brands that consumers adore. It is now time for dealers to step away from indentikit design and creates something to excite and engage customers. Fresh and exciting website design will win customers so don't follow your competitors but look whats happening in other sectors.

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    Remember, you have a shop window on a busy highway, unless it has clean, modern design and clarity it is difficult to get people further than the front door!Speak to Tessa if you need design advice!